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Writing is Like ... EMS

Happy Friday friends!  My current wordcount is 30,928.  Yep, behind.

Today I'm posting the last of my extended metaphor series, and ending with my job as a metaphor for my hobby.  Does that sound a little weird to you?  Me too.  Yes, I know there's another week in November, but I'll be with my family next week, so I'm choosing them over you.  No post next week.  I think you'll live.
You never know what you'll have until you get there.
It's not always stupid calls,  Sometimes we get called out for things that sound stupid and we realize that it's hit the fan when we get there.  Or that we were called out for chest pain and it's really an anxiety attack or back pain or muscle spasm because of dehydration.  The point being, we have to be ready for the most serious and most un-serious at all times.
I've kind of already alluded to this this month, but it bears bending for the sake of repeating.  All kinds of unexpected things can happen in the throes…

Writing is Like ... Cooking

Hey!  It's Friday.  There's supposed to be a blog post.  My current word count is 19,926.  Behind, I know.

For more on the extended metaphor, today, writing is like cooking.

That's a pretty good start.  We'll go with that.

It's not the ingredients, it's the skill in combination.
The Expectations vs. Reality memes have pretty well borne out this argument.  The explosion of domestic blogs and Pinterest have both set the incredibly high bar for the at-home cook.  Let's face it, we all want to be clever, and sometimes, we have to settle for storebought because of how un-clever we turned out to be.
I kind of already made this argument in a previous post, so click through to that here.

Sometimes substitutions are OK.  Sometimes they aren't.
So, that is a chart for substituting a greek yogurt for fattier dairy products in cooking.  You see the tiny tip down at the bottom that says if you're adding it to something hot, do it at the end and take the pan off th…

Writing is Like ... Weight Lifting

For me, anyway.  Current word count:10,011, so as long as I can get some writing done today I'll be on track!
Disclaimer:  the views expressed on the sites where I get my photos for this post are not necessarily (and sometimes, definitely not) views I agree with or represent.  Be advised, the internet is awash with bro science on the gym in general and weight lifting specifically.

As I discussed last week, I am a fan of extended metaphors.  This week I'm comparing writing with another one of my interests:  Weight Lifting.  Reading this post will not give you traps like Tom Hardy, but it won't make your sore either.
I started lifting in April of 2011.  I'm 5'6" and was about 115 lb at the time.  I was hired on with an EMS service and knew that I had to be able to move patients safely.  Our service requires that we be able to lift 100 lb by ourselves, but that's being optimistic about the weight of our patients.  Texas is 12th in the nation for obese resident…