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Aisuru Interview - Part 2

Happy Friday!  Two weeks in a row, wow!  Don't get used to it.  It's just because I didn't have to think to come up with two posts in a row.  

Last week I interviewed my writing friend Anma Natsu about her debut novel, Aisuru, which is available today!  Full disclosure, I helped Anma edit this story, so you could say I'm a little invested.
You can check out the first half of the interview in last week's post.  In this half, we discuss strong female characters, writing craft, and some of the last kinks Anma had to iron out before release day.  Since this interview was available on her podcast, The Lackadaisical Writer, last week, we also discussed pre-ordering options.  If you'd rather, just listen to it there!

Can you tell me about your pen name?

When I decided I was going to publish, I decided I would have a pen name because, one, I work for the state and having my name on a book would cause all sorts of problems.  Two, I have people in my office I d…

Aisuru Interview - Part 1

Happy March!  Happy Spring Break!

Here is part one of the transcript of my interview with Anma Natsu about her book Aisuru, which premieres on  March 27th.  It is currently available for pre-order!  You can check out her website and stay tuned for part two of this interview for more details.

I paraphrased some of the interview and took out some of the "uhh's" and "okay's" and "so's" so you didn't tear your hair out trying to read our conversation.  If you'd rather listen to it, you can go here or look up Anma Natsu's podcast,  The Lackadaisical Writer, on your favorite podcast app and look for episode #60.
*** I met Anma Natsu a couple of years ago through our writing group for NaNoWriMo.  We’ve gotten to know each other much better, read manuscripts for each other, and given each other feedback.  I’ve read two versions of Aisuru but not the final version.  I am really excited to be interviewing her about that here today.