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This week has been incredibly emotionally draining.

Oh Icharus!  Is that the sun you fly towards?
Our wings are strong.  I made them.  
They have carried us this far.
Lo, your wax is melting,
But the sun does not push you away;
It consumes you.

Over the course of this last year and a half, I have been thinking about the phrase "to work tirelessly."  On face value, you keep working when you get tired.  But in reality, it means there is no stopping point.  There is no giving up.  In the absence of a door, in the face of an unscaleable wall, you get out the sledgehammer and carry on.

Violence like we've seen this week produces the kind of feeling in the pit of my stomach that makes me want to fall over the back of the chair to vomit to have done with it.  But the response I have seen reaffirms in me that if a few people can cause this much pain, every person that decides to value life, to hold out mercy, to expect and pray for the best, can overcome that hate.

Oh sun! You burn w…

... something about the best laid plans ...

Hey everyone, it's Friday and I hope you're enjoying what life offers instead of staring at this screen, hoping the internet will entertain you once more.

Not that I'm not glad you're here.  It can get lonely sometimes.

So, I started work, and that ate a week.  Then I went on vacation, and that ate another week.  But I got to do some awesome stuff and meet some awesome people, so I'm not sad.

I've worked some on The Neif , but most of that has been trying to catch up to where I was when I paused writing it.  Due to me not being as paranoid as I should be, about 10K words of The Neif were lost.  ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR WORK.  DO NOT TRUST "THE CLOUD" TO KEEP IT SAFE.  The internet is terrible about hanging on to things that you'd really rather stuck around.  So, that's what's been up.

I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo starting today, which is awesome.  It's basically a chilled out version of NaNoWriMo, where you can set your own wordcou…