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Once-a-month blogging

Good morning, interwebs.  I am sorry to say the only news I have to report is that school is taking up all my time and it hasn't even started yet.  As a result, I have made zero progress on my editing and re-reading since I last posted.

I am deciding to cut down my posting to a minimum of once a month effective immediately.  This way I can focus on school and give you updates on my writing when I actually have something to say.  Also, I have the freedom to post more often than once a month if I want (read:  if there is something I can talk about).
Sorry this post is short and kind of a let-down, but I hope that with this change all the posts will be meaningful and have useful information rather than just being "Status report:  nothing to report."

Posts will still be released on Fridays, and I'll still be sharing them through the usual social media outlets.  I can't promise that the posts will be released on a certain week of the month, but there will be at lea…

Editing: Week 1.5

Happy New Year, friends!  2015 is here and I'm still behind on my editing, but I press forward.

I'm currently in the reread process of week one from The 90-day Rewrite.  I say "I'm in the process" like it's specifically directed, but week one focuses on the outline, which, for Om Nom Nombies, at least, took roughly two hours to complete.  Rereading is only referred to in one sentence, basically an "if you want to" kind of deal.  Then week two goes right into rewriting.  I've adapted the questions in week one to my reread and am highlighting my errors as I go, color coded as shorthand notes to myself.  This makes the rereading go much faster, as I only have to take the time to write one or two comments per page.  With a 335 page story, it adds up.

Yes, that says "sin."  POV seemed straight forward to me, but I never realized how much I slipped up until I took the Gotham SFF class last year.  And in this manuscript I have sinned greatly.