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Hey friends!  It's Friday already?

I've been thinking about what I have to do to finish my current projects, and how to stay on track with finishing those and starting new ones.  Sometimes Pinterest brings you what you need, and this time it brought me to Kristen Kieffer'sShe's Novel site and the post about the Drafting Cycle.

You can (and you should) go to her site and read all about it.  Instead of pushing through each of my projects to the point I'm exhausted and no longer care about them, I'm going to alternate month by month to keep my momentum.  Here's what that's going to look like:

     June: finish draft of The Neif

     July: finish draft of Spitfire (and Camp NaNoWriMo!)

     August: finish draft of/edit The Neif

     September: finish draft of/edit Spitfire

     October: Prep for NaNoWriMo

     November: NaNo '16!

I have more to finish of The Neif than of Spitfire, so I'm hoping the push of Camp Nano in July will help me get caught up.  I…