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Coming Down the Pipe

Hello friends!  Happy Friday!

Haven't gotten to check/update everything on the blog just yet.  Still a work in progress.

If you recall, way way back in August, my awesome friend Leah did a guest post for me about visual novels, which was a great way to introduce you guys to some alternate forms of interactive storytelling.  I'm going to introduce you today to some other forms you may or may not have seen, because this is the format I'm exploring for my next project.  I haven't decided on one in particular, I'm still weighing my options, but it will incorporate reader choices that directly affect story consequences.

Why reader choice?  Why not just tell the story?

Some time last year, I was watching a Let's Play of the game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.  At one point, one character is burying someone he loves.  The digging of the grave is shown as a cut scene, but the player is then given control and has to drag the body of the loved one into the grave in order t…

I'm Back!

Happy Friday Friends!  It is so good to be back here with you guys.

It feels like forever since I last posted (November 1st!  Yikes!) so here's what's been going on.  I FINISHED SCHOOL!  And I am set to graduate next Friday.  I've been dreaming up new ideas for stories and working on writing workshops with a local writing group, BCS Writing.  I'm super excited to have a bit more time now to dedicate to my creative pursuits.  This week and next week I'll be going through my posts and making sure that links still work and images still display properly.  I've changed the mobile platform look and I'll probably be changing this layout also.  If you have opinions on any of those things, let me know.

Since I'm graduating next Friday, there won't be a post next week, but look for one on the 27th.