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Southern Reach Review

What follows will sound like a backhanded compliment, and I want to clarify that it is not intended that way.  Rather, it is stated in this way to highlight the skill of Jeff VanderMeer.

     The Southern Reach Trilogy is the best work I have read where basically nothing happens.

     Now, those of you that have read the series might be objecting quite loudly at this point.  A lot happens in the story.  There's an expedition to gather information about an unknown environmental occurrence.  There's shadowy government agencies.  There's mind-bending multi-dimensional/monster/alien/God-knows-what things happening.  There's verbal sparring.  There's guns.  Sometimes they even get fired.

     But you know what happens most of all?

     Navel gazing.

     Deep, deep, POV for these books.  First person for the first book, Third person for the second, and a mixture of second, third, and a tiny bit of first in the third book, as VanderMeer wraps up the loose ends.  And…