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Power is Power

Oh, hey.  Is it June?

Howdy friends.  Today I'm fawning over a new favorite world, the world of the Craft Sequence created by Max Gladstone.
No I'm not asking you to read 5 books.  There are two more stories within the world that you can explore as interactive novels, plus Gladstone is contracted to release a sixth novel with, then future novellas within the world until his contract is up.  I'm asking you to read so much more!

So with that stellar pitch out of the way, what are these stories about?

Imagine a world where power is money is influence is law is utilities is faith is forces of nature is magic.  Welcome to the world of the Craft Sequence.

Humans learned how to use magic, called Craft, and used that to kill off most of the gods in the God Wars.  Now craftspeople are the CEOs and lawyers and stock brokers in a world they blasphemed for.

*again with the crap pitches*

Okay, we'll try it this way.  A bit about Three Parts Dead, the first book written in …